Industry Sectors



For more than 30 years our team has developed a wide range of expertise serving a variety of clients in multiple market sectors. We have had the opportunity to assist our clients in most industry sectors of construction. Our staff understands the nuances of each sector and have found that our skill set is readily transferable across many sectors.

Below please find a listing of market sectors we serve:

• Aviation
• Road/Highway Construction
• Bridge/Overpass Construction
• Light/Heavy Rail
• Underground Sewer/Water/Aqueduct
• Mass Grading/Earthmoving
• Subdivisions

• Hospitals/Nursing Units/Operating Rooms
• Clinics/Out Patient Facilities
• Ambulatory Surgery Centers
• MRI Centers/CT and Linear Accelerators
• Laboratory
• Seismic
• OSHPD for California

• Laboratory
• Pilot Plants
• Manufacturing Facilities

High Rise Construction
• Office Buildings
• Condominium/Lofts/Apartments

Library Construction/Renovation

Industrial Construction
• Power Plants
• Refinery and Process Piping

Historical Construction/Renovation
• Government Buildings
• Theaters and Museums
• Housing and Office Space

Hotel and Hospitality