Project Review and Audit Services

We provide a full scope of project audit and status services both for litigation preparation as well as a standard of care due diligence for ongoing projects.

Our belief is that knowledge is key to reducing risk and we focus on telling you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

Our Services Include:
Evaluation of Price Agreements
• Cost Plus Agreements (are the costs accurate?)
• GMP Agreements (are the credits being allocated correctly?)
• Lump Sum Agreements (are the change orders really extras?)
• Unit Price Agreements (are they billing accurate quantities?)
Billing Reviews
• Reviews of Monthly Pay Applications
(accuracy and current work)
• Evaluations on Allowance items (is the scope fully reflected?)
• Change Order Billing and Management (valuation and entitlement)
• General Condition Billing Review (consistency with contract specs)
• Time and Materials Billing Reviews
(review of hours, rates and entitlements)
• Contingency Management (is contingency being used properly?)

• Timeliness of owner payments (are contract terms being met?)
• Accurate payments to subcontractors (Lien risk management)
• Joint Check review and subcontractor management
• Accuracy of payments (duplicate invoicing)
• Budgeting Review (scope creep and financial risk issues)
• Change Order Payments (is the work being paid for timely?)
• Fund Control Management to limit Lender Risk
• Project Status Reporting (updates to inform banks/owners)
• Cash Flow Management (limit funding surprises)
• Draw Down Budgeting (Identifies finance costs)
• Payment Control (Management of subcontractor payments)
• Full Lien Release Management Services
Loss Mitigation
• Evaluation of current project site conditions for quality and quantity of in-place work
• Evaluate Work-In-Place vs. billings and assist in Cost-To-Complete projections
• Full schedule management services, including updates and recovery schedule development
• Contemporaneous and Forensic Auditing of project costs
• Full claim management services including claim preparation, defense and negotiation
• Full dispute avoidance and resolution services