Risk Management Services

The folks at Red Brick Consulting are experts at helping manage construction risk. They understand the issues that are critical to success and are willing to take the time and effort to ensure they have the proper focus on them.

Risk can be defined as:

“a state of uncertainty, where some of the possibilities involve a loss, catastrophe, or other undesirable outcomes.”

Construction Risk can and should be mitigated by maintaining a focus on schedule, cost and scope. The goal is to ensure the right work is completed as quickly as possible and at the right price.

Time always equals money in construction.

It is our goal to ensure that our clients understand the risks, have tools and measures in place to mitigate potential risk, and have the opportunity to maximize the expected outcome.

To achieve these efforts, we focus on managing specific areas of risk. These include:
• Schedule Risk (both delay and acceleration)
• Budget Risk (cash flow management/cost control)
• Scope Risk (missing elements/scope growth issues)
• Contracting Methods (whether GMP/Design Build/Lump Sum etc…)
• Procurement Risk (long lead times/price volatility and scope impact)
• Design Risk (poor execution on construction plans and specifications)
• Value Engineering Risk (unintended consequences)
• Inter-relational Risk (how does this project impact other projects)
• Litigation Risk (potential pre-claim setups/claim development/defense)
This effort results in projects that are:
• Delivered on Time
• Meet the Budgetary Expectations
• Meet the Goals of the Stakeholders

Regardless of the efforts to manage each of the specific elements, every project requires leadership that can recognize and appreciate the relevant details while keeping a focus on the big picture items. The team at Red Brick are experts at recognizing the big picture and how it translates to actual project success.